May 30, 2023  
2021-2022 College Catalog 
2021-2022 College Catalog

Academic Programs and Services

Academic Programs and Services

Undergraduate Degree Programs

Associate of Applied Science


Business Administration (AAS), 60 credits


Fashion Merchandising (AAS), 60 credits


Entertainment Management (AAS), 60 credits

Concentrations available:


Audio Production

Music Industry

Associate of Science


Criminal Justice (AS), 60 credits


Health Studies (AS), 60 credits


Nursing (AS), 73 credits


Physical Therapist Assistant (AS), 71 credits


Bachelor of Science


Fashion Merchandising (BS), 120 credits


Nursing (BS), 122 credits


Criminal Justice (BS), 121 credits

Concentrations available:


Digital Forensics and Cyber Security

Domestic and International Security

Entertainment Management (BS), 120 credits

Concentrations available:                                        


Audio Production

Music Industry

Information Technology (BS), 122 credits

Concentrations available:                                                                           


Business Analytics

Web and Mobile Development 

Management (BS), 121 credits 

Concentrations available:


Cloud Security Rick Management


Healthcare Management

Human Resource Management


Department/Program Chairs 

Each program is administered by a Department/Program Chair who is responsible for the department’s structure and organization, with regard to curriculum, faculty, advisory system, and student performance. In addition to the Academic Advisors, the Department/Program Chair is available to the student to address issues of his or her academic experience. 

Academic Advisors 

Academic advising is the key to a student’s smooth progress through his or her program of study at Bay State College. Each student is assigned a faculty member at the beginning of his or her first semester who will advise him or her in academic, career, and personal matters. Students must meet with their Academic Advisors on an ongoing basis to discuss academic progress, course scheduling, graduation requirements, and Bay State College’s student support services.  

Division of Health Sciences Student Handbook and Policy Manual

All programs within the Division of Health Sciences are provided a Student Handbook that supplements all BSC College Catalog requirements on the program level. Students are to refer to their program specific standards and requirements, please site the Handbook on the site or Dean/Chair for additional assistance.